Josh Sluyter VP and Josh Honea Regional DishOne – Learn how to lead stronger, and sell more!

Josh Sluyther VP and Josh Honea Regional DishOne – Learn how to lead stronger, and sell more!

Sluyther started as a technician with Atlas but was too afraid of doing sales until he realized that the sales guys were making more money so he started selling little by little and by the end of the year he had done more installs than anyone else. So he moved to Tucson to do sales and installs, in the end, Atlas pulled out of Tucson and he ended up working for another retailer.

Never limit yourself

He met Honea while coaching high school volleyball and he recruited him. Sluyther then quit to start a retail store and left Honea with his contacts. Sluyther then went back to sales because the money was just too good and eventually started his own sales business.

Mirror your customer

Honea had his own pool business where he was making 80-90k a year. Sluyther approached him and asked him if he wanted to take some sales calls and since he had extra time he said yes. Then Sluyther asked him to head up the Tucson branch since Sluyther was in Phoenix at the time. Initially, Honea said no, but Sluyther insisted so finally he sold his pool company and joined Sluyther full time.

Outwork everybody, be the last one out.

Sluyther says that what motivates him is his team, as long as you stick to principles and treat people the right way and value them above any type of compensation then these relationships can last a life time.
Honea says seeing his people succeed and knowing he was a part of it gives him satisfaction

Don’t waste time on people that are not your buyer. Be efficient in looking for your customer.

Everyone talks work/life balance, Sluyther doesn’t think that’s what you’re trying to achieve, because if you’re balancing you’re always cheating something, you’re gonna resent your family life or your work life. But if you can find a way to integrate the two then nothing has to suffer. Sluyther has even taken his son with him on sales calls because he believes it is a good life lesson to pass on to him. If it’s a good principal in D2D it’s a good principle in life

Stop thinking of yourself a sales rep and think of it as your business, stop thinking like a sales rep and start thinking like a business owner

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