Brady Anderson- CEO of Sales Rabbit

Brady Anderson- CEO of Sales Rabbit

He started going D2D in 2010 and he did pest control for a few years. He went the first 2 weeks without a sale. He saw a hole in the industry and developed an app which he personally wrote a third of the code for. There wasn’t one “aha” moment, the idea came about little by little with his partner. The vision is constantly changing. They were a little naive when it came to gauging the industry. In 5 or 6 years he’s helped thousands of d2d companies and has over 50 employees.  He says he feels like he’s still discovering over time the needs and potential of the app. They work with companies all over the world, they service over 30 industries.

Over the last 2 years they’ve seen a wider range of industries in the market which gives them the opportunity to see first class of sales companies and because of this massive bank of clients they’ve benefitted so much from learning because no company does everything right, so they’ve basically learned from the collective and that is something they bring to their product. They don’t want to selfishly hang on to that knowledge but to share it and use it to elevate the industry as a whole.

There is so much to learn so we want to accelerate that for everyone

People fall in love with the idea of D2D but anyone that’s done it successfully knows that it doesn’t just happen. There is more to it than just recruiting people to sell, there are so many dynamics such as creating the right culture to adding the correct value to your product and even to scale an organization. A lot of companies fail by not knowing what the process is or not enforcing it if they have one.

How many sales your making is simply a function of the people you’re talking the hours you’re putting in and how many you’re closing

The issues are different when you have a sales force of 4 or 5 people to when you have 40 or 50 salesmen. The biggest missteps are not changing behavior, you have to be able to adapt and learn.

You can scale a company without recruiting more people, by using analytics to monitor sales and identify problem areas.

Live in the moment because you never know how it’s going to impact you down the road

You have to find a way to stay motivated and dedicated and it helps if you really love what you’re doing. That’s what was most beneficial because though it was stressful and difficult at the beginning, they really enjoyed it and that’s how they were able to overcome it. And that concept is the same in life.


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